Friday, February 15, 2008

Do You Know Where Babies Come From?

I used to write a lot about Emma's toddler tidbits, because one never knew what was going to come out of her mouth at any given moment. However, over the last year, Emma has developed a bit of a shy personality. So the funnies don't flow as freely as they used to. But recently she gave me some new material.

Today, while we were in the baby section of Wal Mart getting diapers for Kate, Emma asked me, Mommy, do you know where babies come from, because I do. My heart started pounding! Emma does live with four teenage girls, so I had no idea if any of them had filled her little mind with facts. I calmly replied, Oh really? Where do babies come from? Her answer, If a mommy wants a baby, she has to close her eyes, count to three, say POP, and God will place a baby in her arms! Whew! If only it were that easy! Emma did inform me that she was too young to have a baby. She said she is going to wait until she is old like mama. Good to know! I simply told her that she was right about the fact that babies do come from God. Silly girl!

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Mob said...

Oh, I love the Emma-isms that is so cute. Jon and I would like to adopt a 2nd, so here I go...1 2 3
Oh if only it were that easy.
Yes, Daddy needs to get ALL his girls valentines next year!
Thanks for sharing!