Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slow, yet Steady

I thought I would write an update on where we stand in the adoption process. I am pleased to write that we are making slow, yet steady progress! Last Wednesday was a bad day, and at the end of it I was feeling very discouraged. I had been making calls to different agencies in our area for over six weeks, and we had finally decided on two that had come highly recommended to us. The social workers at each agency had been researching how to do a home study as in depth as ours would have to be (since we have children living in our home that are in the custody of the state), and on the same day, both agencies called and told me that they would not be able to serve our family in facilitating an adoption. I was in tears, because all of my hope had been resting in them, and it seemed that we had no other options. In fact, I prayed that night that if adoption was not meant to be for us at this stage in our lives, that God would help me find contentment in my two wonderful daughters and in the girls that I work with. I started praying that my current situation would be enough for me. A little secret about me, I tend to get a bit obsessive about the things I am pursuing, and over the last six weeks it was like I had turned in to an adoption monster. I was scouring the Internet every free second I had and it was completely consuming me. I had the idea in my head that I had to be holding our baby by the end of the year, and if things didn't start working out, then my plan would fail. I completely forgot about His plan and His timing. So last Wednesday, my wise husband gently reminded me that while our quest for a baby was an awesome thing, if I didn't slow down a bit, I was going to miss Kate's toddler years and Emma's preschool years, and no baby in the world could replace that. He is so right, I just hadn't wanted to hear it. Ouch! That night I began praying for patience, perspective, and peace.

The very next day (Thursday), the children's home state case worker came out for a licensing inspection, and she told me that the state had approved the children's home adoption caseworker to do home studies for anyone that he could not hire or fire. That meant me! He was now allowed to complete our home study! And he has done them for houseparents before, so he knows exactly what he is doing! The only requirement the state gave, is that our home study would need to be facilitated by an adoption attorney. We were given the name of an attorney in our county who specializes in adoption, and we have an appointment scheduled for Friday morning. I am continuing to pray for patience, perspective, and peace, but I am feeling a bit more hopeful. It always seems as though when one door is shut, another opens. Please pray for us Friday morning! Not that things will work out the way that I want them to, but that they will work out in accordance with God's plan for our family. Please pray that we would find peace in the blessings that we already have, no matter the outcome of Friday's meeting. Thank you for checking in and for caring about our family.

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Mob said...

Kendra, I'm thrilled for you!
That is so God. Whenever we are trying to control things He seems to put the brakes on it, then we we give up and give Him control, He is there for us! I will pray for you.
Post after the meeting and keep us up to date :)