Monday, March 31, 2008

Adoption Update

My caseworker heard back from the pregnancy counselor this morning. Last week the counselor and my caseworker both talked to the birth mom (we will call her N for privacy) and she said she was very excited to hear more about us. She was going to check her work schedule, and then pick a time for the three of them to meet together. However, the counselor has not heard back from her this week, despite calling N more than once. She is thinking that N might need time to sort through this in her head and in her heart. The sad reality is that no matter how much she might want this baby, she is barely keeping her head above water with the two she already has, and even on welfare, she is having trouble financially. I'm sure that reality does not make it any easier on her heart, though. I can't imagine what she must be feeling right now. The counselor is hopeful N will still make an adoption plan. If she can wrap her brain around this, then we will move forward. There are still several months left in her pregnancy for her to go back and forth. Maybe that's why most agency's wait until the 7th month to start matching! If she decides to keep the baby, I am at least grateful for this connection. We now have a crisis pregnancy counselor who has all of our information on hand. She deals with girls like N on a daily basis, and perhaps there will be another birth mom who wants to create an adoption plan for her baby if N falls through. So for now, we just wait and see. I am good with that. I did not expect much more. It would have been wonderful for everything to just happen smoothly, but nothing is ever easy when it comes to issues of the heart. Again, I can't imagine what these brave birth mom's go through! I have a new respect for them. Boss and I continue to pray that God will lead us to our baby. Maybe that baby is N's, maybe it is not. Regardless, N is currently on my prayer list and I would ask that you put her on yours, as well.

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Mob said...

You are good in not becoming emotionally attached to "n"'s baby. There is a lot of things she needs to sort through. I think you are right and that is why they usually do the matches later on in the pregnancy. We were matched in month 9. I will pray for you guys. Its still a very good sign that you have heard so early on, you never know Gods plans, trust in Him and it will all work out.
Love, Paula