Friday, May 2, 2008

Anniversary Getaway

This month, five years ago, I married Boss. What a great day that was! Sometimes, it feels as though that was just yesterday, and sometimes, it feels like a lifetime ago. What I do know for sure, is that it gets better and better, year after year. To celebrate, we went to the big city, and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast on the river. We ate lots of good food, talked and dreamed of the future, saw a movie, and slept without little feet in our faces. It was so lovely and relaxing, and I  came home from that weekend away, more appreciative and more in love with my husband. Boss does so much for me and for our family, and it is nice to get away from everything and have him all to myself, even if only for a few days. And my favorite part? I am positive that with Boss by my side, the very best days are yet to come.


Kim said...

What a beautiful suite! So glad you could get away...I think a weekend away does wonders for hard working mommies! Happy Anniversary!

Kendra said...

Dear Kendra,

I love you so much, and I can't believe 5 years have passed by so quickly! You are my life and I am so blessed to share my life with you!



Kathryn said...

Ah yes, the 106 degrees...I certainly remember that! :) Sounds like you guys had a wonderful and well deserved weekend ! Happy a few weeks!