Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Study Update

Boss recently got his home study paperwork in, so we are completely finished with the paper chase. I will be scheduling family physical appointments for the first part of next month, and then all that is left is for my caseworker to visit our home and interview everyone. That part might be scary.

We are fingerprinted and have foster and adoption training as part of our job as houseparents, so all of that counts towards our home study, as well. There may be a few things that I am forgetting about, but I believe that after physicals and interviews, we will simply be waiting for our caseworker to type everything up and send it in to the state to be approved. I have heard that it can take up to four weeks to get back, so I am hopeful that we will be finished with everything by July. What a great day that will be!

After that, we have to do decide if we want to chance waiting for a private adoption, or if we want to send our information into an adoption agency and let them take over with the matching process. So many choices! I am praying God's guidance and wisdom over it all, so that when the time comes, we will know which direction to take. I do feel as though we have been moving a bit slowly through all of this, but I am okay with that.  I am choosing to believe that things will happen naturally when the timing is right.

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Paula said...

Yea, I'm so happy to hear that things are moving along. You will know what path is right for you if you follow Gods leading.