Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends! I am a week behind already, but I just cannot believe that it is already 2009. Wow! I cannot believe that I will celebrate my sixth wedding anniversary this year, nor can I believe that my little girls will be turning three and five in the summer. Where has the time gone?

I must say that 2008 was a really great year for our little family. For one thing, we resided at the same address for an entire year! That is a biggie for us wandering folk! And even better, is the fact that we don't have any plans to move this year either. Our little family is right where it belongs for the time being, and I can't tell you how good that feels.

Boss is continuing to love his job as Athletic Director of Village Christian School, and he is enjoying he first season as head boys basketball coach. They have had a pretty good season, so far! We are going to celebrate Boss' 32nd birthday this coming weekend, and I am really looking forward to getting away for some quality time together.

I am still loving being a full time mama and houseparent. I can't imagine doing anything else. Many of my goals for this new year revolve around becoming a better wife, mama, and homemaker, and I can't wait to share with you all that I have been thinking about.

Emma is now four and a half and is so grown up! She loves preschool and can't wait to go every day. She is learning to blend words together for reading and she is getting so good at writing the words that we spell for her. I am so impressed with how smart she is! She is still in dance, and she also loves drawing, playing Barbies, and helping me bake. Emma is a wonderful big sister, and I am so thankful for my biggest girl!

Kate is now two and a half, and that girl is a spitfire! She is talking up a storm, but she cannot pronounce her R's and I think it is so cute! She is sleeping in a big girl bed now (or not sleeping), and she loves sitting on the potty every day, but we are not potty trained, yet. Her sleep is improving. We have good weeks, and bad weeks, but I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass. Her favorite thing to play with is her baby dolls, and she names them all Claire or Annie Rose (or Wose, as she says). Kate is so funny and loving, and I love to spend my days with her.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and I am somewhat sad that it is over! My brother and his wife came to town, and we enjoyed a quiet family Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we had our traditional fettuccine dinner, and then mom read the Night Before Christmas, as she always does. We left cookies for Santa, and the girls were so excited to see what he had brought for them the next morning! They got a Rose Petal Cottage! So cute! My favorite present was a mama necklace from Boss, and some new books. Boss got an electric guitar, and I am so very proud to say that he has mastered his first song.....drum roll please.....London Bridges Falling Down! Go, baby! You are a rocker! We spent the next day with Boss' family and they spoiled us as usual! We rang in the new year with friends and some mad games of Wii Bowling. Where are the bumper lanes on that game? We had a wonderful holiday break, and I always love the magic that seems to surround this time of year.

Our adoption is now in full swing. It was such a long process to get our home study completed, and we almost lost heart a couple of times, but we are now back in the game. I think about our third baby several times a day, and I cannot wait to bring him or her home. I know that the road could still be a long one, but I am hopeful that we will be matched with a baby this year. We think we have an adoption path planned out, and I will share the details soon. I am learning as I get older that things really are better on God's time, and I can truly say that I am content to wait.

The Zickafoose family is really looking forward to 2009! Boss has some really great job opportunities, Emma will start Kindergarten, Kate will continue to grow and blossom every day, a hopeful adoption plan, and many birthday's and special moments that we are looking forward to this year. Thank you for continuing to follow our journey!

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