Monday, January 11, 2010

33 Reasons For 33 Years

Yesterday we celebrated my husband turning 33 years young.Our family has had a mini vacation since last Thursday evening, so we have enjoyed some much needed family time! On Friday, the girls spent the night with my parents so Boss and I were able to go on a date. On Saturday, Emma and Kate (with the help of my mom!) threw Boss a mini surprise party, and that night we had friends over for a dinner party and to play games. Yesterday we drove to Boss' parent;s house for a sleepover, and his mom spoiled him with all of his favorite foods. Boss, you are loved! Happy Birthday!

In honor of 33 years, the top 33 reasons why I love and am thankful for my husband:

1. He makes yummy chili, toad in a holes, and chocolate chip pancakes.
2. He watches Lifetime and Hallmark movies with me and is not afraid to admit it.
3. He does the laundry and he folds it. Always has.
4. Most mornings he still gets up with Kate so that I can sleep.
5. He ROCKS at doing finances and keeps our family out of debt and well prepared for the future.
6. He rubs my feet every night while I am pregnant.
7. He tells funny jokes. He is like butter when he gets on a roll. (That is one of his favorites)
8. He has started taking our little girls on dates.
9. He listens to my dreams.
10. He listens to my worries and fears and does not judge me.
11. He is always the first to apologize when we argue.
12. He puts up with all of the traditions that I enforce upon our little family.
13. He still opens my car door when we go on dates.
14. He puts up with my insane fear of elevators and takes the stairs with me every single time.
15. He looks cute in hoodie sweatshirts.
16. He loves my family and encourages all of our relationships.
17. He still likes sleeping next to me, even though I snore.
18. He supports my obsession with taking baths, and has never complained about our water bill.
19. He is the best dad. Seriously.
20. He has cute ankles. It's true.
21. He works hard and pays all of our bills. Good thing! I know nothing about finances.
22. He has always given me the gift of staying home with our kids.
23. He has given me three of the most beautiful children in the world!
24. He comes home for lunch when he can.
25. He enjoys working with troubled youth and has a vision for the future.
26. He enjoysspending time with and taking our family on trips. To him, family comes first.
27. We share the same parenting views and have the same goals for our children.
28. He still calls his mom most every week.
29. He has sought wise council when it has been needed in our marriage.
30. He is still committed to our marriage, through good times and bad.
31. He does not cuss or say inappropriate things, but watches his tongue.
32. He supports me in my goals for my life.
33. He still tells me I am beautiful every single day, even though I know my looks have changed considerably since our wedding day.

Happy Birthday, Boss. I love you to moons on sticks and back again.

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