Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Baby Love: Nursery Nook Style

Pictures of Jack's Nursery Nook

I figured it was time for another update on our sweet baby boy! We are 35 weeks into this pregnancy and we are thankful for each new day that he continues to grow inside of me. Due to the blood pressure issues I tend to have in pregnancy, we got to have another ultrasound a couple of weeks ago (around 32 weeks) to make sure that Jack was still growing well. I had never had an ultrasound that late in a pregnancy before and it was fun! We were relieved to see that Jack was finally head down and that he already weighed in at a whopping 4 lbs. 5 ounces! Looks like he will be a BIG boy! Everything continues to look great with him.

Last week, my blood pressure did begin to rise and to stay high for the first time in this pregnancy. If I would lie down or rest, it would lower, but if I left to run errands or cleaned the house it would begin to climb. I watched it closely this past week and decided I was going to tell my doctor about it at my appointment yesterday. No need. When the nurse took it in the office it was already sky high, so they sent me over to the hospital for a bit of monitoring. After deciding Jack's heartbeat was good and he was in no distress, and after seeing that my blood work looked good, they released me with a jug for another 24 hour urine test. (Fun!) I will take my jug to the lab tomorrow morning, and by Monday morning we should know whether we are looking at preeclampsia, or if it is gestational hypertension (like I had with Kate) that will just have to be monitored closely to make sure it does not turn in to anything worse. I do have a bit of anxiety about all of this, but am thankful the doctor's are watching over us so closely.

In the meantime, we have been busy preparing for Jack Ryan's arrival! We basically have his little room (nook!) completed, his newborn clothes are washed, we bought a bassinet for our bedroom, and this weekend we plan on getting the car seat out of the box. All we really have left that we need is some sort of bouncer for baby boy to nap in while mommy cleans the kitchen, schools the girls, or grabs a quick shower! It has been fun! Most people think shopping for a little girl is more fun, but I have had a blast preparing for our little guy and already feel so blessed to be his mama. Grow, Jack Ryan, grow!

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