Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Closer

(I had originally written this post a couple of weeks ago, but never got around to posting it. I am publishing it now to catch you up to speed on the arrival of our little man!)

We are now 37 weeks pregnant and getting closer each day to meeting our son! My blood pressure issues have continued, but so far I have not developed preeclampsia and they are sticking with the diagnosis of gestational hypertension. They are monitoring us at each visit and we have started twice weekly fetal testing and ultrasounds to make sure that baby boy is growing as he should and that he is healthy. So far so good!

Today at my appointment we got some exciting news! (Good news for me, possibly TMI for you). My body has already dilated to five centimeters all on its own! For some of you that is just gross, but all you mama's know how great that is! That means when it is actually delivery time, things should go much more quickly as half the work has already been done! They sent me to triage for a bit to make sure that I was not actually in labor (I think I would know), but sent me home after seeing that my contractions were not regular (I could have told them that).

So now we continue to wait...and wait....and wait. Come on, Jack Ryan! We cannot wait to meet you and see your sweet face!

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