Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Happies 2010 - Part 1

Wow! It has been a super busy April thus far, here in the Zickafoose Zoo! We had a blast doing all of our Easter traditions this year. I was not sure how we would pull it all off with a newborn in the house and one very tired Mommy, but with the help of family and good friends, we managed to have a wonderful holiday. We started off by making our traditional bunny cakes! So fun!

Next came coloring eggs. Grammy was a super help this year and had the girls do this at her house. They had so much fun coloring eggs and then going on a hunt for Easter goodies from Grammy and Da. Just look at my little artists!!

Look at the new Easter buckets that Mommy bought us this year! So fun being able to monogram things for three kiddos!!

Look at what the Easter bunny brought for us! We are definitely not spoiled in the least....

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