Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Happies 2010 - Part 2

This year our sweet Ms. Candy (aka the girl who can do anything, according to Emma) made the girls their Easter dresses. She made a date of it and took the girls to the fabric store so they could pick out their patterns and their fabric of choice. Such a great memory for them! Grammy bought them fancy purses, and the only job left for me to do was buy them new spring shoes. Kate selected the first pair she found that fit (in true Kate fashion! :), but Emma looked in several stores over several days. She wanted something elegant with a small heel (her words!) Aren't they sweet all dressed up?

So blessed.

Not happy about sitting in a bucket :).

So beautiful.

My handsome boys. Ben starched Jack's little button down shirt and everything :). I love them.

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