Monday, April 19, 2010

Growing Up

On 4/14 Emma lost her first tooth! She now looks completely grown up to me. It had been wiggly for a couple of weeks, but she refused to let anyone pull it. Then last Wednesday morning she was playing games on the computer and out it fell. There was quite a bit of blood and she started screaming. I thought she was scared or hurt, but she was screaming in excitement! We rinsed the tooth off and she carried it around with her for the rest of the day.:)

That night we opened up her tooth fairy kit, read the story about how the tooth fairy came to be, put the tooth under her pillow, and drew a picture to leave for the tooth fairy as a thank you note (because acording to Emma, it is not fair that Santa is the only one who gets letters and pictures from children). The next morning she awoke to a whopping five dollars under her pillow! (The tooth fairy did not have any change, but it was made very clear that that price was just for first teeth since they are special. I am pretty sure she leaves quarters from here on out :). It was such a fun experience for Emma and she has the most precious gap toothed grin! Can someone please freeze time? Life is passing much too quickly.

P.S. Today Emma had a visit with Dr. Brown, our dentist, and it was her very first time to not have any cavities! Hooray! He said her smile looked great and that her 6 year old molers should be showing up very soon!

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