Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart

Oh, be still my beating heart. I think I'm in love! It's true. Head over heels in love. This small Lake Michigan town is everything that I dreamed it would be. Googling it on the Internet did not do it justice. It is Stars Hollow meets Malibu. OK, that might be a bit dramatic, seeing that Stars Hollow doesn't actually exist and Malibu is super, crazy expensive, but you get the idea. It is cozy, beautiful,
wonderfulness. I think I'm in love.

We were a bit late in getting away this morning. If you know us in real life does that really surprise you? And then a short while into our trip we got stuck in stand still traffic. For an hour. With a baby who wanted to eat. The atmosphere inside the sheep got mighty unpleasant, but we survived with family love still intact. Needless to say, we pulled into town around supper time, instead of our planned early afternoon arrival. We grabbed a quick bite to eat, checked into our hotel room, freshened up, and then set out to explore!

I held my breath as we approached Main Street. Would it be all that I hoped it would be? None of our other recent destinations had turned out to be "it". But as soon as I saw the sign, I knew. And then came the streets and houses of the charming town, and then the harbor, and then the beautiful water. We parked the sheep and took off down the pier. Boss snapped pictures along the way, and we walked until we reached the light house at the end of the pier. We watched as the sun began its descent, and then we let the girls climb on the rocks before heading to stick our toes in the water. Apparently Kate needs to learn what her body parts are called in mini school, because she did not understand the concept of "toes" and walked right in the lake fully clothed. I said, "Kate. You are soaked!". She said, "But, Mom Im having FUN!". That she was. Fun, fun. After everyone was good and wet we walked into town and the girls and Ben had ice cream. I had an ice cold Coca Cola Classic. In an old fashioned bottle. If you know me in real life, does that really surprise you? I think not.

It was a beautiful night. Really, it was only our first night in this charming town, much like a first date. So it might be more accurate to say I am infatuated with it, and not really in love with it. We shall see. Only time will tell. But she did make a very good first impression! At the very least, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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