Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mister Man Meets Rice Cereal

A couple of days ago I let Jack Ryan try his hand at solids. I have been hearing from the beginning that starting him on rice cereal might ease his reflux symptoms, but I kept putting it off. I think subconsciously I have not wanted to start him on solids because that means he is growing up. Sigh.... why must things change? I would be content for him to be my not so tiny, cuddly baby forever. Anyway, enough was enough. After all, he has to learn to use a spoon sometime, right? The boy loves to eat (as evidenced by his round cheeks), so I thought he would love filling his belly with something new and a bit tastier than formula. I was wrong! He was much to impatient to enjoy using a spoon! Overall, he did a good job. He ate the entire bowl and managed to keep most of it down, but he got so very frustrated! He was hungry and wanted a constant flow of food! I simply could not keep up. Our feeding session went something like this: SCREAM, swallow, SCREAM, swallow, SCREAM, swallow. You get the idea :). I wish I had videotaped it! But we will keep trying to get the hang of this over the next couple of weeks before we make it a daily part of our routine. Something tells me that soon enough eating solids will be high on his priority list of things to do!

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