Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remembering Grandpa

* He used to have red hair.

* He was in the Air Force. That's where he met my Grandma.

* He LOVED to give his grandchildren wagon rides.

* You could often find him eating an apple and a snickers bar for lunch.

* His favorite ice cream was plain old Homemade Vanilla.

* He grew up in the depression and took saving money very seriously. He saved quite a bit.

* While he rarely spent money on himself, he was very generous with what he saved when it came to others. VERY generous.

* On many Christmas mornings he would fill the tree with a $100 bill for each grandchild.

* He was always fair with his love and affection. He did not play favorites between the five of us cousins.

* He enjoyed being right :). I think that runs in the family. If he disagreed with you he would say, "I appreciate your opinion, but you're wrong." Ha!

* He called me his little big hugger. His hugs hurt! He loved to pat your back when he hugged you and he hugged hard!

* He loved watching basketball, men and women's.

* He was most passionate about God's church.

* He enjoyed keeping a garden and working with his hands outside. Until his last stages, he was never one for sitting around.

* Grandma hated chewing gum and would not allow it in the house. He always kept a stash of it on the top shelf in his closet :).

* He loved going to lecturships and always went until he was physically no longer able.

* He had a hearty laugh.

* He will be remembered.

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