Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today I...........

* Woke up and had a snuggle with my handsome, squishy little boy. Thanked God for another day.

* Had cereal with my daughters.

* Got everyone bathed and ready for the day. Scratch that. My mom came over and got everyone bathed and ready for the day. I supervised. Thanks mom! I got ready for a meeting.

* Had lunch with co-workers turned friends. Discussed the girls in our care.

* Visited one of my residents in Juvenile Detention Center. It was my first time visiting a JDC where I was allowed past the reception area. I saw her cell. It was intimidating. I talked with her about the choices that she has made to land herself there, told her I was praying for her, and told her I would be waiting for her to come back to the house. Prayed as I left that God would give me a fresh attitude towards her.

* Came home and had snuggles with my hubby.

* Got ready to go on a date with same hubby.

* Went to Target and Old Navy on our date to buy the children coordinating outfits for an upcoming photo shoot. We have a new friend. He is a professional photographer. Sweet.

* Ate dinner at Chipotle with hubby. Discussed the pros and con's of starting our children on an allowance system and the fact that Kate is starting preschool soon.

* Picked all three kids up from my parents house. More snuggles. Except from Kate. She was moody. :)

* Came home and visited with neighbors outside.

* Went on a bike ride with Emma.

* Put children to bed. More snuggles.

* Updated this old blog in keeping up with my Writing to Remember Challenge for the month of August.

* About to head to bed feeling blessed. Thanking God for another day.

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