Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Date With Boss

Today I got to spend almost the entire day with Boss. Sans children. It was wonderful. We did all sorts of crazy things like shop for fall clothes for our children, drive around town with the Jeep stripped down, and try out king sized beds. Okay, we didn't actually "try" them out, because that would be inappropriate. But we did recline on them (one at a time) to see which ones were more comfortable. Boss kept doing really romantic things like buying me soda on ice and twizzlers. After eight and a half years together, this man knows the way to my heart. When we were in the Jeep we turned the country music up really loud and we let the wind blow our hair. We looked at all of the fall colors beginning to pop up on the trees and we kept sneaking glances at one another as we drove. Boss is very cute. Some even say he is super hot. Our friend/neighbor to be exact. (What can I say? We are all very close out here.) Boss is the very best man that I know. He still tells me I am pretty every single day. He does all of the laundry and folds it too. He wakes up with our little fellow at six thirty every morning. He lives in a home that houses seven females and he hardly ever complains. He is an excellent father. He raises teenagers that are not his own, and I have truly seen growth and development in his wisdom and patience with these kids over the past three years. He is a good manager, planner, and organizer. He is a good steward of our finances. He loves God and leads our family to the best of his ability. To put it simply, he rocks. It hasn't always been easy, this marriage of ours, but it has always been worth the work. Boss is my best friend and he makes all of my earthly dreams come true. Literally. I love spending the day with him.

P.S. He can still make my heart go pitter patter. I know. It's crazy.

P.P.S I asked Kate tonight if she could have any wish what would it be? She thought and thought and then said she would wish for a car full of chocolate. Completely random and not related, but worthy of noting. Out of all of the wishes in the world she wanted chocolate. Boss and I make really awesome children.

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