Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Family Fun

We have respite from the teenagers this weekend, so we dubbed today 'Friday Family Fun' day. And fun we had! In the morning Kate went to mini school and Boss went golfing, while Emma and I did a bit of school. Jack did his usual thing of lounging around. No life in the fast lane for him, I tell you what. Before it was time to pick up Kate from school, Boss and I took Emma to lunch at Panera Bread. We had her special "you are now a first grader, and thus more responsible" lunch, where we told her about how allowance was going to work in our home, and her new list of daily expected chores. Good times. After lunch we picked up our middle girl (she had a great day!) and we headed to the zoo to enjoy this awesome autumn weather. We try and take the children to the zoo at least once a year, always around the time school picks back up. It was a great day to go! The weather was AWESOME, hardly no one was there, and all of the animals were up and moving. It was pretty cool to watch Mr. Polar Bear swim laps! Once the zoo closed we came home and played Frisbee in the yard and then Boss started us a nice toasty fire in the fire pit. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and made S'Mores. I sang campfire songs, but no one would sing with me. Then two of our most favorite friends popped over from across the street and we had an impromptu porch time. It was a perfect end to a really great Friday Family Fun day. As I type, the girls are snuggled up asleep on a pallet (or a padlet, as they call it) on the floor of our room, and Jack is snoozing away in his corner of the room. Tonight we are all rooming in. Sometimes we just need to be together.

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