Friday, September 10, 2010

My Mini Schooler

Today I dropped off my littlest girl for her very first day of mini school. She was so excited! She got dressed in one of her new outfits and put on her new tennis shoes. She ate her breakfast in a hurry and then I fixed her hair. Today there was no yelling over tangles. I informed her that mini schoolers are too grown up to yell. We shall see if that lasts. Once we were all ready (on time I might add), Daddy popped home from work to take some first day of school pictures. There was lots of hugs and kisses, Daddy said a prayer for God to watch over Kate as she was away from us for the very first time, and then we were off. Once at the classroom, Kate put her backpack and lunch in her cubby, sat at her desk, let me take one last picture, and then I left her with a smile. (I did my crying yesterday in the produce isle at Meijers. I have no idea why I cried. I did not cry when Emma went to preschool and that was four days a week instead of one!) We left the building and headed to the parking lot and I thought all was well. Then Emma burst into tears. She said she missed Kate already, and couldn't we just turn around and go get her? She was sure Kate was not ready for this big step. I love how much they love each other.

Anyway, I took my biggest girl and my baby boy to breakfast at Panera Bread. That is Emma's favorite, so it was a treat. Then we came home and played board games together and watched Camp Rock Two. I am sure there was school that could have been done, but today was about being together and counting the hours until we could go and get our middle girl. When we finally got to pick her up she was all smiles! Today she learned about the letter A and the shape of the square. She also enjoyed story time, playtime, circle time, and much more I am sure! She said her favorite parts were play time and lunch time because she was starving. This I believe! Ms. Jenny said that Kate did get a bit sad at one point, but she was easily distracted by her friends. Our girl loved mini school and she can't wait to go back next week!

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Candy said...

Yay for Mini-school!!!!!