Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Boy of Mine

** Alternately Titled: Eight Month Update **

Sweet Boy of Mine

Why must you grow,
sweet boy of mine?
With your cheeks so rosie,
and your eyes that shine.

You grew in my heart,
then my womb, now my hand,
I love you so deeply,
though you don't understand.

I want to remember each moment,
it all,
I want to hang on,
to you being so small.

You entered this world with a head of dark hair
and a loud, robust cry,
Now somehow, without my permission,
eight months have gone by.

You used to lie,
so still on my chest,
Yet, soon enough,
you will take your first steps.

I love you all over,
chubby fingers and toes,
You love when I kiss you,
and nibble your nose.

Your laugh is sweet music,
to this Mama's ear,
I want to wrap you in my arms,
and forever hold you near.

I know in my head,
that you must grow every day,
But in my heart,
my sweet baby boy you will stay.

And this Mama's heart will always say,

Why must you grow,
sweet boy of mine,
with your cheeks so rosie,
and your eyes that shine?


Yes, it's true. Today my youngest babe turned eight months old. I really am not sure where all of the time has gone. I look at pictures of Jack when he was a tiny newborn, and don't know where that baby went. As sad as I am to watch him grow and change, one thing is for sure. I love the little boy that he is becoming. Jack, you are such a happy soul.Your laughter abounds in our home. Your sisters adore you and love that you are now old enough to play and interact with them. Your eyes light up when Daddy comes home from work. You still stroke my face while I feed you. You are pure love.

In case it is not obvious from the new pictures below, Jack is a BIG boy! I imagine that he would weigh in at twenty pounds at eight months old. He well surpasses both of his sisters at this age. The boy loves to eat. He will eat any fruit or veggie that you ask him to try, still chugs his bottles, and I believe that last night I caught his Aunt Candy feeding him a little taste of pumpkin pie. (Really, is it any wonder that he loves her?) Jack also loves his new, big boy car seat, and taking baths in mama's bath tub. He is still sporting only his two bottom teeth. Sleeping is going a tiny bit better than it had been. He still wants to eat a couple of times each night (we are in the process of stretching this out), but at least he will fall back to sleep. Sometimes Daddy is nice and lets Jack sleep in bed with us. Mama would never be that nice, and when she discovers them in the morning, both boys get lectures.

Jack, we love you.

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