Monday, November 22, 2010

Shining Star

For those of you who do not know her, my Kate is a shining star. Literally. Her eyes sparkle and twinkle when she is happy or excited and her smile can light up a room. (Boss polishes his shotgun on a nightly basis in preparation for her high school years. Or rather, he would if he had a shotgun. Those are not allowed in the foster parenting world, but you get the idea.) But Kate is not only cute. She is also very funny! And likeable, and smart, and so on. So it was no wonder that her teacher picked her to be "Star of The Week" for mini school last Friday. She was so excited! We made her family poster, she picked out her favorite stuffed animal and book to share with the class, and then she was ready to go! She was slightly nervous that she would forget the names of the people on her poster when sharing it with the class (After all, Daddy, Mama, Emma, and Jack are easily forgettable names! Ha!), but she said it went great and she came home with a special "Star of The Week" hat, which she has yet to take off. I think it is safe to say it was a successful day. So proud of you shining star!

Two more Kate funnies to share. Funny number one.Last week her mini school class made family portraits (pictured above). Kate was very sad to show hers to us, because she was afraid that Daddy would not recognize himself. She was sad because her teacher did not have any silver yarn to use for Daddy's hair, so she had to use black, even though Daddy's hair does not look very black anymore. Ha! Precious. Boss did not find it quite as precious as I did, but we all got a good chuckle out of that one.She definitely keeps us laughing!Funny number two. A few days ago, the girls and I were sitting at the table doing school work. In Kate's preschool workbook, her instruction was to draw a picture of her very favorite person. Immidiately her eyes lit up as she thought about who she was going to draw, and right away she got to work. My Mama heart imagined that she would draw her sister, or maybe Anna Boverie, possibly her Grammy, or maybe even me. But who did my little stinker draw? Herself! That's right, folks. My Kate's very favorite person on this planet is herself. Wow. At least she does not struggle with low self esteem! Ha!