Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nine Months

This little guy turned nine months old this week! We love him more than ever. He celebrated his nine month birthday with a trip to the ER, accompanied by Daddy, because of a nasty ear infection and head cold. Poor little boy. At the ER he weighed in at twenty pounds even. Jack Ryan is our biggest baby, by far! Emma did not reach twenty pounds until she was two, seriously, and it took Kate at least a year. Our boy has them beat! While we can tell that he is beginning to feel a bit better (his joyful smile is returning), he still seems to feel a bit yucky. We are making sure to snuggle him close and give him lots of kisses. His rosy, chubby cheeks were made for kissing. Hopefully he will start feeling better soon!

This has been a big month in Jack's world! The biggest month so far, I dare say. He is now a crawling man! And he can also pull himself up while holding on to furniture and the railing of his crib. He is making his mama and daddy quite tired as we chase him all over the house. When he learns to navigate the stairs, we are officially doomed :). Jack Ryan is still eating well, as evidenced by his large, squishy, delectable thighs, and loves just about anything that we put into his mouth. And because he has many "aunties" out here that love and spoil him, I dare say he has tried far more foods than your average nine month old! Let's just say that he is a super huge fan of pumpkin pie, courtesy of his Aunt Candy.

Sleep is going better. Not great, but better than the last few months. We get about nine hours out of him each night. I won't tell you that half of that sleep is spent in our bed, because that would make me two for three of raising bad sleepers. However, if I were to confess that we co-sleep, I would have to tell you that I blame all of my children's bad sleeping habits on their father. It's true. But since I won't tell you that we co-sleep, I don't have to publicly blame him. I love you Boss!

Jack Ryan Huston Zickafoose is the sweetest bundle of baby boy that ever did live. He is joyful, and happy, and silly. We thank God for blessing our lives with him each and every day. Happy nine months, buddy.