Sunday, February 20, 2011

These Boots Jammies Were Made For Walkin'

On February 16th, Jack Ryan took his first steps. It was by accident, I really do believe. You see, he was in quite a hurry to get to the princess ball with his sisters. They had fancied up the kitchen, streamers and scarves were tied everywhere, there was music jammin' (Camp Rock 2), and, this was the kicker, he heard there was going to be limbo at this ball. Jack loves limbo. Or, I'm sure he would love it if he knew what it was. Anyway, his sisters had even dressed him up in a fancy Cinderella ensemble. It coordinated very nicely with his blue footed jammies. So here's how it happened. Jack was standing next to the couch after getting dressed, and he was super excited, so he just took off! He made it two or three steps before he tripped over his skirt and fell. We all clapped and cheered and he cried and cried. But ever since then he has been taking a few independent steps each day. We knew that soon he would really take off, and we were waiting for the moment. That moment was tonight!

We were attending a church supper and were sitting in a circle with our friends. Once the floor was cleared of dishes, cups, and trash, Jack's Uncle Scotty put him on the floor to let him do his thang. He crawled over to Aunt Candy, and then she stood him up to get him to walk back to Scott. AND HE DID! He walked all the way across the circle without falling. When he would begin to wobble, he would steady himself, and then keep going. It was precious, precious, precious. (And his father would like for me to note that this time, he was not wearing a skirt). So it is official. We now have a walker! We love you Jack Ryan! You are growing up way too fast!