Monday, June 13, 2011


For a month now, I have been away from the pages of this online journal of our lives. I suppose I have simply been busy living life and not finding the time to record all of the "Z" family happenings on the pages here. And there have been a lot of happenings. Mostly just ordinary things, nothing too extraordinary, unless you count each day as a gift, as I'm learning to do, and then all of those ordinary moments magically turn into extraordinary ones. And that makes this life of ours pretty awesome. In the past month we have finished up another school year for Boss, the big girls, and Emma (sidenote: My baby girl only missed three questions out of one hundred on her end of the year exam! Does she rock, or what?), Boss and I celebrated eight years of marrige, we attended Emma's fourth and Kate's second (and last) dance recital, and we are currently enjoying some much needed family time away at one of my most favorite places to visit on Earth. See those people in that picture up there? I love them. I love being with them. They make my heart happy. So updates on all of the current "Z" family happenings will soon come, but for now I am enoying being away with those that I love.