Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Best That Ever Lived

My children are so very lucky that I am married to the very best dad that ever lived. I am pretty lucky too. When it comes to caring, guiding, and providing for our family, Boss does it all. Prays for his family? Check. Is wise with our finances? Check. Rises early? Check. Is hard working? Check. Does the laundry? Check. Raises and builds relationships with children who are not his own? Check. Spends as much time as he can each day with us? Check. Makes us laugh? Check. Fills our hearts with love? All. The. Time. Boss really is the very best dad that ever did live, and I hope that as his family, we strive to honor him not only on Father's Day, but on every day of the year. Because he deserves it.

I never want to give the impression to others that our life is perfect. It is pretty great during this particular season, yes, but it is far from perfect. We don't have it all together, we are not always happy, our marriage has had some pretty big bumps. But I have never had one doubt in my heart about what an awesome dad Boss is. Not one single doubt. I often think that out of the two of us, he is the better parent. Our daughters adore him. He is wonderful at showing them the love and affection that they need. Their eyes light up when he is near, and they are loved well. They are secure in his arms. And watching Boss with his son? My heart melts, and I find myself falling for him again and again. And he thought he only knew how to be a daddy to little girls. :)

Boss, I love you. Thank you for investing in our family like you do. Thank you for leading us and striving to make our lives happy and good. Our three kids are super lucky to call you daddy. And I am lucky to call you mine. Happy Father's Day!

(I wrote this post awhile ago, on Father's Day, right after we returned from South Haven to be exact, but never hit publish! So here you have it. A tribute to the very best dad that ever lived, who just happens to be my husband!)