Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Years

It's completely true. My Emma is now seven years old. I can hardly believe it and I am her mother. When people ask me how old my children are, I still say six, four, and one. And then my girls quietly whisper to me that they are now seven and five. And I struggle to believe it every single time. But their birthdays keep on coming, year after year, and for that I am so grateful. Grateful for the gift of another year together, another year of growing and memories. Another year to laugh. Another year to celebrate the miracle that is their lives. And today that is exactly what we did! We celebrated Emma!

When asked what she wanted for her birthday breakfast (and her selections even included cake!) this girl of mine chose Cocoa Pebbles. She is a woman who knows what she wants and cannot be swayed. I love that about her. After breakfast, we gifted her with a Barbie Horse set and a gift certificate for a horse lesson once the weather begins to cool down. Off to her room she ran to play with her new toy and her sister for the rest of the morning. Later in the day we headed up to Kings Island (area amusement park) where we met up with Grammy and Da, and enjoyed a day of fun, laughter, rides, and being together. Awesome. We also let the girls get string and beads braided into their hair, something that they have both been wanting done for quite some time. It was a special birthday treat! We ended the day with blue ice cream. Pure deliciousness.

There are so many things about Emma at age seven that I want to remember. Kate, Anna, and Avery are her best friends. She is an amazing big sister. She always lets Jack hold her hand to fall asleep, just like my brother used to do for me. She is helpful in our home (usually cheerful in doing chores), loves playing Barbies, and has a mild case of OCD (wonder who she inherited this trait from?). Her favorite food is still spaghetti, though she is a huge fan of strawberries, yogurt, and popsicles, too. Her smile is beautiful, with as many teeth missing as are actually still there. She still falls asleep in her Daddy's arms each night at bedtime, still kisses her Mama every day, and creates beautiful pictures for everyone in our house all the time. My life got so much better seven years ago when God gave her to me.