Friday, March 2, 2012


Dear March,

Thank you, from the depths of my soul, for gracing us with your presence yesterday! How glad I was to see you! You see, your friend February was not so kind to me last month. She was cold, and distant, lasting an entire extra day than usual, and she continued to take from me without giving back. In the words of Michelle from Full House (what, you don't know Full House?), "How Rude!". There. That feels better just announcing to February how I really felt about her. I suppose I needed to get that off of my chest so that I can now move on and have room in my life for you. Confession is good for the soul, I do believe. So anyway, back to you my dear March! You have brought me so much hope and the promise of new days already! You hold some special days that I am greatly looking forward to! Two years ago you gave me my first, sweet, smoochy son. He is one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me, so I cannot thank you enough. Also, at the end of the month, we are going to Disney World! But, shhh. Don't tell the children, because they do not know yet. We are going to surprise them with a Spring Break trip to the happiest place on earth! It should be fantastic. We are looking forward to enjoying each other and your beautiful March sunshine. So, see? You are indeed going to be providing us with some most wonderful days! But March, what I am really looking forward to is the brand new season that you bring with you. I am looking forward to the cold slowly beginning to give way to your warmth, and I am excited to begin to see new life spring forth from the ground, and with it promise! And hope! And I am excited for spring to arrive in my soul, as well. I am ready for my disappointment, and darkness, and clouds to give way to sunshine and smiles! Because smiling is my favorite! (Thank you, Buddy the Elf, for teaching me this truth.) And I am also ready for new life to spring up in my heart. So yes, my dear March, I am very glad to see you. Thank you for gracing me with your presence year after year. You always show up right when I need you! And I am so grateful, Lord willing, that we get to journey these next 31 days together. Let's do our best to make each and every moment of those days count, shall we? Yes, I think we shall.

Love, Me