Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Before 30

In three short months I will turn thirty years old.

30 years.

And I am struggling to understand how I feel about this. I confess that this is the first birthday that has bothered me. The first birthday that has caused much deep and reflective thought. Because there is something about leaving one decade behind and beginning another that has my mind, and my heart, swilring round and round. And sometimes I am left reeling. I wonder if what I have done in the past is enough. And I wonder where to go from here. What does my future hold? I seek, and yet I do not always find the answers I am searching for. I want a life plan that is concrete. A life plan that I can hold on to. Something that says go here and do this. That is what my almost thirty year old brain desires. But I know that is not how life works. Nothing in life is certain. The only thing that is certain is that time marches on whether I want it to or not. The days, the months, the years... they continue on without my permission. The passage of time out of my realm of control.

My almost thirty years have taught me all I can really control is my attitude.

So I have a choice when it comes to this passing of time. I can choose to say stuck, refusing to move forward, always dangling one foot in the past. Or I can embrace the coming and going of a year. I can learn from my past, while embracing my future. I can choose to view life as a journey, every bend in the road an opportunity for growth. Each new year, each new decade, a chance to discover a bit more of the person I was created to be. And in case you were wondering, I have chosen the latter.

I have chosen to embrace turning thirty.

And I have chosen to welcome it with a bit of fanfare. A birthday worthy of celebration! The ending of one era, the beginning of another. I also decided that I needed a list. A 'goodbye twenties', 'hello thirties' list. A list of things that I hope to accomplish within the next three months.

{My 30 Before 30}..... in no particular order.

1. lose last ten pounds of baby weight
2. begin couch to 5k training
3. participate in a 5k
4. make a home cooked meal for my family, entirely from scratch
5. host a dinner party
6. go to dinner and a movie (alone)
7. prepare our home and liscense to foster babies
8. do a random act of kindness
9. plan a surprise for Boss
10. take each of my children on an individual date with Mama
11. establish a daily quiet time with God
12. establish daily family devotions
13. go on a family picnic
14. dance in the rain
15. blog every single day for 30 days + blog my life story
16. discover more about my city, eat at a local dive
17. have a 'thirty and fabulous' photo shoot + family photo shoot
18. get a customized blog design
19. write each of my still living family members a letter letting them know what they mean to me
20. buy a little black dress (little in size, not in amount of fabric used)+ shoes + accessories
21. go dancing with Boss (this is something we have NEVER done before in almost a decade of marriage)
22. work on my photography skills
23. have a family camp out in the back yard complete with campfire songs and smores
24. find my perfect shade of lipstick find my perfect make-up everything
25. (re)read and review 1,000 Gifts, The Mission of Motherhood, Heaven is Here, Kisses from Katie, and Bloom
26. buy and review October Baby
27. sponser a child
28. have a tea party with my daughters
29. plan some time away with Boss sans children, plan a girls weekend trip with my Mama
30. develop a consistent personal evening routine (skin care regimen + bedtime)

So there you have it. My 30 Before 30. Some of them silly, some of them serious. Some of them goals that I want to work towards. Some of them things I want to do with my time on this continued journey of self discovery. All of them important to me for one reason or another.

Look out 30, here I come!

*** For how you spend your days, is in fact how you spend your life.***

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