Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dreams Into Plans

I was born a dreamer. But I haven't always lived as one. For many years, I lived only as a survivor. A survivor of broken childhood dreams, too much sadness, not enough laughter. A survivor of low self esteem, of not feeling like I belonged. A survivor of peer pressure, the weight of it all feeling like too much. And then, eventually, a survivor of daily life who turned to food binging, followed by purging, the only way I knew to find release from it all. Those were really dark times, the days where all I did was survive. But finally, when I'd had enough, I asked for help. Thank God I asked for help. Help taught me to move beyond surviving. Help taught me how to turn my surviving into thriving. Help taught me how to dream, something I was meant to do all along. And now I dream as if my life depends on it. Because it sort of does. To me, dreaming means hoping, and hoping means moving forward. And forward is where I want to go, so I keep on dreaming. And someday? Someday I might get really brave and turn my dreams into plans.

* I searched for the source of this picture, but couldn't come up with anything concrete. Nor could I find a name to go along with this spectacular quote. But here is to the author of such a beautiful saying! Thank you for inspiring me with your words.