Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tidbits From My Toddler On Tuesday

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Y'all, toddlers are hilarious! Seriously, if you are ever in need of some sunshine and smiles in your life, then you need to get a toddler. And if you don't have a toddler of your own, then borrow one from a friend! Or borrow mine! But you would have to give him back when you were done, because I happen to be fairly fond of him. He makes me smile All. The. Time.

A few Sunday's ago we were in church and the collection plate was about to be passed. I got out my wallet to give the girls their money to put in the plate when it passed their way, only this time, instead of two little outstretched hands in front of me, I found three! Jack had decided that he wanted in on this action! I only had two dollar bills in my wallet, one for each girl, but I gathered all of the spare coins that I could from the bottom of my purse (there were a lot!), and handed them to my boy. Oh, how that boy loves money. Only he doesn't love money for what it can do for him in this world. He has no clue what money can do for him in this world. He just knows that it is really fun to try and shove money in your eye. And up your nose. And down your shirt. And it was really fun to lick and blow on. And it was seriously the longest two minutes of my life, when Jack's chubby little fingers had their way with my coins.

Big sister Emma seemed to notice my distress and came to my rescue. (Eight year old's are seriously great, too. So while you're at it, get an eight year old in addition to the toddler.) Emma started whispering to Jack that he had to be careful with his money. She told him that his money was not meant to be repeatedly dropped on the floor and then retrieved, and that he should take care of his money so that he could give it to Jesus. Over and over, she whispered to him that very, very soon he could give his money to Jesus. And it worked like a charm! The thought of giving his money to Jesus seemed to excite Jack! I could hear him quietly repeating to himself, I give my money to Jesus. I give my money to Jesus. It was seriously precious. He even managed to sit quietly through the prayer, patiently waiting to give his money to Jesus.

Our friend, Mr. Owens, had our row that Sunday, and when he leaned forward to allow Jack to put his money into the plate, Jack looked up at him with the widest eyes I had ever seen! Jesus, he whispered in awe, his eyes never leaving Mr. Owens' face. My son thought that Mr. Owens was Jesus! It was hilarious! I tried to explain to Jack that Mr. Owens was not Jesus, but he refused to listen. His sister had told him he would be giving his money to Jesus, so that is what he did. And ever sense then, whenever we pass Mr. Owens in the foyer, or see him on the softball field, my son looks up at him with continued awe in his eyes and whispers, Jesus! Cute, right?

But there's more. Yesterday we took the children to play by the river and Jack found a coin hidden among the rocks. Kate asked him if he wanted to buy a gumball with his coin (gumballs are one of Jack's true loves), but he told her no! I give my money to Jesus, he said! Melts my heart. So Mr. Owens, it looks like you will be getting a brand new coin tomorrow night at church.

P.S. This is not the first time that Jack has mistaken a person for someone they are not. Several months ago we were eating in Frisch's near an older gentleman who was heavy set. He also had a long white beard and wore red. And Jack insisted that he was Santa! The boy was so excited to see Santa in April, he was beside himself. Over and over, Jack shouted Santa's name. And he may or may not have pointed. It was humiliating, and hilarious, all at the very same time.

P.P.S. Perhaps I could train Jack to start referring to me as Jennifer Garner? If Mr. Owens gets to be Jesus, then I should get to be Jennifer, at the very least. And Boss? I suppose he can keep his name. Because nothing really trumps the title Boss.

Oh, Jack. You make me smile all over my face!

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