Thursday, July 25, 2013

birthday week

(the Boss man.... also known as my date.... also known as my husband)
So. It's the week of my birth, and there is nothing I like more than celebrating a good birthday week. This week has already held many spectaculars.... sleeping for nine hours one night (with just one feeding snuck in there, also known as my baby is a rock star), sharing a pizza with my family, serving the Lord and the people of South Cumminsville with friends last Sunday, participating in national ice cream day (also known as I love Graeters), going on a little shopping trip with my boys for birthday pretties (also known as Target makes my heart happy), lunch out with my mama, a clean house, and tonight is date night. That dashing fella you see in the picture there is taking me downtown for dinner and dancing. And then I hear there are going to be fireworks over the river at dusk. Maybe he will even hold my hand! A girl can dream.

It is my birthday week, after all.

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