Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Home

We have lived in five different homes in five years of marriage. We have lived in an apartment, a brand new home, a home that was one hundred years old, and two homes at two different children's homes. Each of our homes have had wonderful qualities, yet we have never lived in any one place long enough for anywhere to feel like home. From the moment we arrived at this quaint little home on one hundred plus acres, I have felt at home. Our home here is nothing spectacular, but it is home. I can't explain it. The living room is warm and cozy, the kitchen is bright and cheery with plenty of windows and sunshine, the rooms are just the right size, and the basement is perfect for future plans of a movie room. It is just what our little family needs, and I hope that many chapters of our story unfold right here inside these four little walls.

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Mob said...

Yea, I can see the pics now. What a lovely home. I love the warm paint color in the kitchen. The view of the lake is so calm and serene. Its looks like a wonderful place to live!