Saturday, August 21, 2010


* Last night we had our Back To School Dinner out. We went to Applebees and everyone got to order what they wanted instead of us setting a price limit. We tend to be on the cheap side, so that was a real treat :). Once we wooed all of the older girls with dinner, we started lecturing about schedules, school behavior, homework, time management and our house expectations for the school year :). But they were so excited about dinner that it did not feel like they were being lectured. We are smart like that.

* Today was Boss man's first day back. He looked hunky in his shirt and tie. He doesn't really dig the nickname of "Boss", but for now we are going with it. I told him he could pick his own nickname, but he said the point of a nickname is for someone to give it to you. He has a point. He is so stinkin' smart, I tell you what. So for now it is Boss. Boss had a great first day back!

* The residents all left for school today, too. The house was quiet! I won't say that I was super excited that they were all gone for the day because that would be rude. I was only glad they were learning and expanding their knowledge. Seriously.

* Mom and Dad took Emma and Kate for a play date today. That made the house super quiet! They had fun. They painted flower pots, but Emma turned hers upside down and put a rock under the edge of hers to make a house for a toad in case it was raining. Emma loves toads. And bugs. And crawling things.

* I stayed home with Mister Man (that would be Jack. He is too young to have an opinion on his nickname) and we cleaned the house and did first grade lesson plans. It was fun! Until I got a headache and wanted to throw my lesson plan book out the window. But I am mature, so I did not do that. Instead, I scribbled through it and bought a new book at Target. OCD and little tiny squares to fill in do not go hand in hand. That's enough about that.

*We ate our Friday night burgers and drank our floats.

* I played Mexican Dominos tonight with the girls! My friend "girls", that is. Not the residents! I did not come in last place. Just second to last.

* The little kids played just dance on the Wii. It was hilarious and cute to watch them. I think I should be ashamed at the way that Kate can shake her booty. That girl gets down with it. Who ever said that homeschoolers don't know how to have a good time? That's nonsense. We had a rockin dance party going on.

* This weekend we are having family pictures made. Excited about that. I told the photographer to bring his special lense that makes people look twenty pounds lighter. What? They don't make that? Shoot.

* We have no other plans this weekend! We are going to stay home and work on house projects. I have a certain bench that needs painted "fall" orange. Boss is super excited. he LOVES when I give him projects. LOVES it. I love him.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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Always Almost said...

Sweetie, you don't need a special lens to lok 20 lbs lighter. That's why God made Photoshop! :-D

Besides, you're gorgeous anyway!