Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Fun

What a fun first week in this new year our family has had!The big girls were really excited to have school start back up (okay, that's a complete lie, I was the one who was ECSTATIC that school was resuming!), and my little girls were happy to start back to their ballet classes and daily lessons. Life is feeling as though it is starting to calm down, and for that I am so thankful. I love new years, clean slates, and fresh beginnings. Nothing feels better than a new start! Boss and I have many hopes, dreams, and goals for our little family in 2011, and I hope to find the time to record them all on here throughout this coming year. One thing that we both want to be more purposeful in doing is to create more fun family days, where we focus on having fun and creating memories with our children. So often as parents we are near our children, but we are not with our children. This year Boss and I want to really focus on being with our children, doing fun things together as a family! This weekend we are on relief and are focusing on some much needed family time. Yesterday, it was a very cold day (about thirty degrees), but the sun was shining and the wind was not blowing, so we decided to bundle up and take the girls to the ski resort that is an hour away from our home. Our mission? Snow tubing! So. Much. Fun. And so scary to this very timid, worry wart Mama. But Boss and the girls LOVED it! My little six year old did not even want us to link on to her tube. She would ride the lift to the top of the HUGE hill, climb in her tube, fly down the hill, and then scream AWESOME at the top of her lungs once she reached the bottom. My four year old liked the ride, as long as Daddy was holding on to her tube. Me? I went only so that my children would not be cooler than me. And because I am tired of living life on the sidelines. About half way down the hill I was sure I was going to die (and made some sort of strange gutteral cow sound), but amazingly I reached the bottom in one piece with a smile on my face (to look brave for the children, of coarse!). And then I might have bribed Kate with thoughts of warm cocoa, so that she would want to go in and I would not have to face the giant hill again. I'll never tell. It was a wonderful, wonderful day. Emma said the ski resort was her second most favorite place on earth. When I asked her what her first favorite place was, she answered "home". Boss and I pray that this is always so! And with the implementation of family fun days along the way, we hope to insure that our family always stays close. It was a wonderful start to the new year. Happy January!