Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ten Month Update

Our little man is ten months old today. Really, I am not quite sure where all of the time has gone? I just cannot believe that in eight short weeks he will be having his very first birthday. It is almost enough to bring this Mama to tears! We love our little (big) man, with his big dark eyes, rosy red cheeks, and his perfect, squishy thighs, with all of our hearts! He is perfect, and wonderful, and we are so very thankful that he is ours.

At ten months old, Jack still loves to eat (anything and everything!), is eating more and more "big boy" food, and continues to hover around twenty pounds. He is still sporting four teeth (two on top and two on bottom). His top teeth have come in with a sweet little gap between them. (You know you are a mother when you say things like sweet little gap. Only mothers find gaps sweet. And maybe dentists, because they make money to fix said gaps, but I digress.) Did I mention that Jack loves to eat? It's true! If we are sitting at the table, he will crawl over to "his" chair and grunt (scream) until we place him in it and fill his squishy cheeks with food. It is adorable (or at least it will be for a few more months, and then it will be unacceptable :)!

At ten months old, I am also pleased to announce that sleep for our little guy has finally turned a corner! For the last four months we have had a lot of night awakenings, feedings, and co sleeping, which has not made for peaceful rest for Boss and Mama. But this past week things seem to have gone back to "normal", meaning an eight o'clock bedtime, and waking up between five and six still in his own bed. Hooray! Of coarse, now that I blogged about this success, I am fully prepared for tonight to be awful. But it was too great a victory not to share!

At ten months old, Jack loves to crawl all over the house, pull up on the furniture, play with his toys, wrestle with Boss, pull his sister's hair, snuggle with his Mama, and is beginning to figure out the stairs. He keeps this Mama on her toes!

Jack Ryan, we sure do love you. It has been an awesome ten months!