Thursday, July 19, 2012

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Mama, Kate, and Emma

This morning, my mom, my girls, and I left on a little road trippin' adventure in honor of my upcoming 30th birthday. Remember my 30 Before 30 list? On there I listed that I wanted to take a little trip with my own mama before I turned 30, and I was kind enough to invite my little girls to come along. A three generation trip, if you will. Our destination? Ohio's Amish Country. Also known as one of my happy places. Little girls in simple dresses and kapp's, small boys riding bicycles, the clippity clop of horse hooves, sleek black buggies.... all of it makes my heart feel happy. We reached Holmes County around two this afternoon and checked in at our Inn. It's gorgeous! It has a grand central staircase to die for. This afternoon we hit the shops in Berlin. I fell in love with a $128 dress, but decided that Boss might not feel like that was really in our budget. I tried to convince the girls that eating might not be necessary over the next two days, and told them how good Mama would look in that dress, and wouldn't they rather starve in the name of mama looking stylish? Oddly enough, they declined. Turns out they are  rather fond of eating. Who knew? So after we shopped, we took my little food lovers to Cindy's Diner for some yummy grub. It did not disappoint. And then it was back to the Inn for swimming. Well, the girls swam and I soaked away 29 years of stress in the hot tub :). And now I have decided to join in with my Amish neighbors and go to bed with the sun. Good night, all!