Tuesday, February 19, 2013

God Provides

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Our land on Fieldcrest Lane has many trees. Many big, old, beautiful trees. Trees whose branches often need trimming. And tree trimming is expensive. Five hundred dollars, expensive. I am not ashamed to admit that Boss and I live paycheck to paycheck. It is the season we are in. Or perhaps it is the season we will remain in. Most days I am content. Some days I panic. Like on days when the trees need a good trimming. When they are towering so close to the house and the power lines that something must be done. So we hire the workers, and we agree to pay the money, and then in my humanness, I fret about the cost. Because Emma needs new tennis shoes, and Kate wants to play spring soccer, and Jack has been eating like there is no tomorrow. And then there is that new baby who is coming soon. And so I panic about how we will pay for it all. Where will the money come from? Which child will we say no to? The baby must be born, and Jack must eat, so that leaves the saying no to the soccer or the shoes. And sometimes I feel like our old tree swing out back, blowing in the wind. Barely hanging on through the every day storms of life, afraid my rope will snap at any moment. But Boss? He doesn't panic. He prays. And the men come, and they trim the trees, and we pay them the agreed upon five hundred dollars. And you know what happens right after they leave? Right after they have pulled their red logging truck from our drive? Boss checks the mail. And there in the mail is a check for five hundred dollars. Exactly. Addressed to us. A refund we did not know was coming. And I am reminded once again, that in all things, God provides.
And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

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