Saturday, March 30, 2013

Firmoo to YOU

(Poor Firmoo. They did not know I was eight months pregnant when they asked me to model their product.) 

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative from Firmoo. For those who don't know, Firmoo is a global online optical store that sells both prescription and nonprescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. And get this... glasses start at only eight dollars! Firmoo contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing their product. (Read... they send me a free pair of glasses of my choosing and I tell all of you beautiful people about my experience with their product and company.)

After reading the email, I did a happy dance in my living room!

I danced for three reasons.

The first reason I danced is because I love to dance. I look for any and every reason to bust a move. My oldest daughter frequently asks me if I am really going to be that mom. I assure her that I am.

The second reason I danced is because I am a sunglass loving gal, and being offered a free pair felt like Christmas. Sunglasses make me feel like a movie star. I do wear eyeglasses when necessary (though I mostly sport contacts), but I have yet to master that look. I usually wind up looking like a school marm from the eighties. But give me sunglasses and I am a happy girl doing a happy dance.

The third reason I danced is because it now meant I had FOUR WHOLE PEOPLE who knew that I had a blog! My dad, my mom, my favorite auntie, and now Antonio from Firmoo. And let me tell you, four whole readers felt awesome. Definitely something to dance about.

I wrote Antonio back right away and told him that I would love to review Firmoo! He was super helpful and friendly, and the entire process was fun.

After looking through their site, I chose these babies.

(My glasses and my pregnant face pictured above.) I chose that pair of sunglasses because they were orange, and for me there will never be another color. The only thing I was not crazy about were the little white bows on the frames. Not my style. But I knew my hair would cover them, and the color orange covers a multitude of sins, so I went with it. I placed my order right away. It was an easy process, the website was user friendly, and in less than two weeks my new sunglasses arrived in the mail. I was most impressed with the packaging! Not only did my sunglasses come with a handy dandy cleaning cloth, but I also received both a hard and a soft case! Awesome! I tried my glasses on for my girls and then I performed another happy dance, this time looking like a movie star. The glasses rocked and I rocked out. That is what we call a win win situation.

Now here is the cool part! Firmoo is offering a first pair free program. To you! This offer is for new customers only, one pair per person, and you are required to pay shipping. But other than that it is fabulously free! Click HERE for details and to check out this program. Another cool thing about Firmoo is that they offer a Virtual Try On System, where you can 'try on' glasses after uploading your photo. That way you are sure to never look like a school marm. Pretty awesome. If you are in the market for a new pair of glasses, check out Firmoo!

Thank you Firmoo for contacting me and allowing me to review your product. It was my pleasure! And thank you for helping me to look like a movie star while I shake it out in my living room. My family is forever grateful.


Auntie Connie said...

You look awesome! I didn't know you liked orange. So few people can wear that color. You do not look pregnant in the face. How did that happen? I was pregnant all over and I'm the favorite auntie so you have some of my genes!

Dad said...

Can't say nothin' bad about a Mom who isn't afraid to bust a move in front of her preteen girls!

Great writing by the way!! Glad that some of my better qualities rubbed off on you!

Last, but not least, you look "stupendous" in your new Firmoo glasses!

Kendra Zickafoose said...

Aunt Connie, thank you! That is why you are my favorite aunt! Because you know how to make a girl feel well loved and good about herself.

And Dad, My girls are NOT preteens! They are my babies. Tiny, tiny babies who will never grow up. I have plans for them to live in my basement forever. I just have to get a basement.