Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Winner(s) of Words

Words by J.K. Rowling. (source)

Words are my favorite.

If not used correctly, they have the potential to wound. But when used correctly (to encourage, compliment, truth tell, inspire), words have the power to change the world.

 I love that God chose words to tell his story that changed history. History that changed the world. And I love when writers who came after him encourage me to walk more closely with the creator of the world, the creator of words. It is my absolute privilege to share words with you here in this space. Words that have the potential to change your world. For those who won the book giveaway, it is my prayer that they do.

I think it is obvious, but I could not draw a single name. A lone name sounded too lonely, so I decided to give the lone name two friends. This made the lone name happy. My oldest daughter worked hard at writing out the names of the ladies who entered my little giveaway, and then she folded them into teeny tiny bits of paper. She was concerned that I would try and cheat (ahem). But what my daughter didn't know was that I had no agenda! It is my sincere wish that I could gift everyone who comes to this space with the gift of powerful words! But today, I could only gift three.

So here you have it. The winners of words:

Denise O.



Friends, contact me ( and we will work out how I will get you the words of your choosing! If you live far away, send me your address and I will pop your prize in the mail. If you live, say, across the street from me, then I would love to hand deliver it to you!

Thank you all for coming to this space. And congratulations to the winners of words! I hope you are blessed because of them.

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